Architecture Design

Every new application, every new feature that businesses roll out needs to be carefully thought out, from function down to the lowest level of detail. We take great care in designing the best solutions 'behind-the-scenes' of your business technology.

Cloud Architecture & Scalability

High-availability and flexibility enable you to stay on top of the competition. We design highly-reliable customer-tailored cloud solutions with growth in mind so that, as your business grows and expands, so does your underlying technological platform.

IoT Applications

Your phone connects to your computer. Your computer connects to some server-farm you have never seen. Your watch connects to your toaster. We provide the expertise to leverage the power of emerging insights and functionality of the inter-connected world.


A few decades ago we used files and file cabinets. Now we can't live without databases. We design databases that are not only well-suited for storing your diverse data, but that are easy to expand upon and enable you to draw valuable knowledge from your data, stress-free.


Automating tedious, repeatable workflows allows you leverage the creativity of your staff and provide meaningful work that people actually want to do. We analyse your business operations and determine the areas that would most benefit from automation so as to increase efficiency, precision and output, alleviate mind-numbing work and make your staff happy.

Web Security

Your data is sensitive and extremely valuable. The proper functioning of your underlying technology is crucial to your business. Ensure that you are protected against attacks and natural disasters. We design technology with security mind and lay out functionality and data recovery procedures so that your business is covered.

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